“There is a theory that the beings who dominate the elite can not ascend the kundalini energy to the heart chakra, so they stagnate in an interdimensional place, sucking the energy of human beings.” Paulo Murad


The hi-tech feudal Empire of the Intergalactic Vampire Covenant – usually called ‘the Coven’ – herd humans on many worlds of different tech levels, often maintained as primitive stone-age cultures.

Ownership of these worlds and their blood pools is a major trade between the many and changing factions of the Coven. The Feudal Empire itself is entirely dependent on two versions of the same Warp technology; Warp Gates and Warp Drives.

Gates are either the size of a small moon so that non-warp spaceships can be sent through them, or else smaller man-size teleporters typically called ‘Beams’. Most high-tech spaceships have a Beam room (Warp Gate) inside them as well as a Warp Drive engine. Travel by Warp Drive is a standard speed of 24 hours per jump, irrespective of distance. This is a technological limitation that necessitates the feudal society. Of course the co-ordinates of any target destination must be known before the jump. The spaceways are littered with hulks that have materialized out of Warp only to have fused with an unknown planet or else have disappeared in the heart of a star. There are various preventative methods such as use of Relay ships fitted with robots and jump gates. Hopeful rumors of the legendary instantaneous sub-space radio-communicator are as yet mythical to the mainstream.

Beam travel (Gate to Gate) is a variable speed of between a few minutes and a few months, depending on the particular engine. Many are even slower and less reliable. Many Gates have genetic encoders built into them so recipient Gates can identify who is being Beamed. Beaming from a Gate to a Gate that is itself traveling at Warp Speed inside a spaceship is dangerous with a high risk of mis-location. Of course to arrive in a particular Gate, you will need to know that Gates keycode address. These are typically written as a runic script.

Not all spacefarers have access to Warp technology; in fact most civilisations co-existing with the vampire Covenant rely upon slower Lightspeed engines (travel at the speed of light; 186,000 miles per second; a Light Year is a measure of how far Light travels in a 365 day ‘Earth year’). Therefore cryogenic suspension is popular. Vampires often refer to this as ‘frozen meat’. Vampires typically fear Lightspeed simply because the Light burns them to dust.

Most Nobles (ruling classes) live on their own spaceships, best described as something between a medieval castle and a luxury yacht cruiser. Although they may own worlds, vampires prefer to dwell in the darkness far between stars. Other Nobles may live in the hollowed interior of a planet and prey upon its mortal surface dwellers.

Warfare between minor nobles is common and indeed encouraged by the elder ruling echelons. There are many at this time who believe that the Empire has stagnated, since there has been no real change for countless mortal generations.

Vampires in this game are able to take on personality and ability traits from those whose blood they drink.


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