Creating New Character



NAME: Your characters most commonly known as name.

GENDER: Your characters sex.

AGE: (apparent) (actual)

Vampires can survive for a long time. The physical aging process stops at the age that a character is turned into a vampire; this is the apparent age. The actual age is how many years since the character became a vampire. Most new characters are recommended to be only a few hundred years old at most.

TRIBE: The name of the tribe your vampire belongs to. This may be a ships crew, a dojo, or some other organisation of the feudal empire. A tribeless vampire is called a Ronin.

STATISTICS (original) (current)

There are 5 major statistics in this game, each describing a different aspect of the character, numerically. The minimum score is 1 point. There is no maximum. New characters have 13 Character Points to assign as statistic scores. These numbers may fluctuate throughout the game which is why there is a differentiation between (original) and (current).

PSYCHE: mind, esp, perceptions

MAGICK: ability to alter the fabric of reality by willpower

NIMBLE: dexterity, agility, quickness

STRENGTH: physical stamina and endurance

WARP: mutation from entering Warpspace, based on Essence descriptions

Each score is then added to the result of rolling 1d6 for each statistic.
Computerised dice rolls are made at; Invisible Castle roller

HIT POINTS: represents how many times you can be injured before you die.

SELF-DOUBT: This score represents the number of 6 sided dice rolled when testing statistic and ability scores, to perform an action. The minimum allowed is 1 point. A Blood Point can be used up to reduce this score by 1 (less 1d6) for a particular dice roll. All new characters begin with a self-doubt score of 2. A failed Psyche test increases this by 1. A successful Psyche test combined with ‘normalisation procedure’ may reduce it by 1.


A score of zero is a dry husk requiring external resuscitation. Most of the time your score will measure between 1 and 10 (dry and fat, respectively). An average human has 7 pints and falls unconscious and seriously ill if this is reduced to 5 or less. 1 pint = 1 blood pool point. All characters begin with a Blood Pool of 5 points (gaunt).

Distinctive personality traits that mark you out as an individual. This describes the energy that flavours everything you do, touch, think, feel, and make. New characters require 3 descriptive words that triangulate the characters persona.
eg; the persona traits for this game is space-opera, ninja, vampire, pirate.

special skills that set you aside from ‘normal’ people. Each has a (score) rate of at least 1. New characters get 7 points to assign to up to 7 abilities.

DESCRIPTION what your character looks like physically including clothes.

MOTIVATION what drives your character to act in the way he does and pursue the goals he follows.

SPELLS You can know as many spells as you have points in your Magick statistic. Blood Points are used up when casting spells. More powerful spells use more BPs.

INVENTORY Items your character is carrying or in ownership of.

Creating New Character

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