gHost ships

gHosts are the dead vessels.

A biological technology created living spacecraft, organisms capable of traversing Space while maintaining a biosphere within them capable of sustaining Life. ‘Forests in their guts’. These vessels known as Drakkenkraaft (dragoncraft – the same name given to the method of psychic pilot them) varied in size from one man shuttles to vast cities. Organically structured like a cathedral of bone and sinew, most space faring humans emigrated within these as a superior technology to metal. They vary visually, were given self-healing abilities and appear to be something between a forest, reef, reptile, fish, bird, insect.

Many are capable of spinning web strands that are a physical environment, thus making a bridge between their ‘egg’ and ‘target’. Some enveloped whole stars over many thousands of years of growth. They are not uncommon, once seeded the life form can replicate an entire epoch spanning ecology within it and upon worlds encountered. This is a crystaline helix life-form that can by ancient runes (called Glyph) be interacted with akin to a computer network system. It also has touch-op holographic projection ability. Most advanced humans live with it in preference to any other system, considering those without it to be Primals.

The gHost ships are the drakkenkraaft that Vampire inhabit. They may have been bled dry entirely or merely subsumed and reprogrammed to grow to the immortal needs of the undead. Since their prime programme is to keep the inhabitants alive indefinitely, they will themselves produce a synthetic blood that is quite suitable for Vampire to feed upon the vessel; or more desirable, to maintain a living herd within it for the vampire to prey upon. There are also gHost ships that are themselves Vampire, having been turned and/or bonded by a vampire or coven. Such vessels are preferable to the vampire samurai since psymotional (psychic-emotion aka telempathic) abilities can be used to pilot them as a Secondskin body.

The dna of the living Biohab technology is shape-shiftable (geno-morph Octopede Glyph), includes random mutation, but is largely ‘set’ to restricted patterns, or genotype helix. Psychic connection is facilitated by a gem-stud that is also the creatures eye and holographic sensor-projector.

Biohab entities is capable of weaving their own organic ‘portals’ and growing internal organs providing warp drive function.

One safety precaution method given to the human drakkenkraaft is a light-jump organ; therefore burning out any vampire within it when the jump is made. The symbol for the Light-jump is a binary star, usually depicted as a star within a star, both with cog-like triangle flames around like a clock face.


gHost ships

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