Intro Campaign

The Intro Campaign for Space Ninja Vampirates;
has characters of a primal stone age level world, using magick and might to hunt various monstosaurs, pray to the elemental gods and protect their tribal ancestor cave from marauding other tribes from the next island.

Before he dies, an ancient shaman who taught the young braves how to read the known 6 of the many lost runes, each a magick spell, and of how concerned he is over their recent spate of shared dreams of indescribable dark things, living temples and sky boats of the dead who eat the living; he tells them that at the top of the waterfall goddess behind which the ancestor cave, is an ancient plateau upon which, according to the ancient shaman who died when he was a young boy, is a temple where visitors from another world once came,and taught the tribe the ways of civilisation (using magick, hunting skills, shaping clay, making fire, communi -ty/-cation, drinking soul-vine to dream & remember past lifes & past life abilities).

The characters travel to the plateau and discover what can only be described as a spaceship landing pad engraved with many more of the lost runes; it is currently used by a flying monstosaurus as a nesting site, of course.

By the time the characters return home to their cave, the tribe has been attacked by a slaver tribe from the next island who have captured everyone else and are taking them back to the other island on their boats.

On another island is a very similar plateau temple, except here a much bigger and more advanced tribe are capturing all the other tribes to trade with the sky visitors. The more advanced tribe know 13 of the many runes and are waiting the long awaited return of the sky visitors; so says another slave sharing the captured characters cage; a sexy woman from yet another tribe. It is probable that she teaches at least one of them the rune for telempathic psychic ability, it is similar to the rune for dream and magick.

The spaceship lands. Many of the slaves are given a fatal dose of soul-vine and their hearts are cut out to offer to the huge sky-monstosaur as it lands and opens its mouth. The living slaves are loaded into the beast by its vampire crew who have electro-whips and suchlike. The slaves including the players are penned into cells awaiting the blood transfusion machines. These are symbiotic ghouls that leech onto the players, keeping them alive and sleeping, and grow fat on their blood. They look like giant ticks.

Between the PCs and their new NPC friends, they have enough knowledge of the many runes to decipher some of them as seen inside the creature they now occupy, and escape their bonds, and take control of the spaceship.

The spaceship is itself not wholly dead, it is a small vessel that has been captured by the small crew of vampires who are transforming it into a gHost-ship; but it is a living being, a drakken-kraft, and telempathic. It has been reaching out to the characters in their dreams by its psychic ability. The PCs become its new masters and it theirs. It helps them with their revolt as it is itself under duress, since the vamps are slowly killing it.

From here the new spacefarers are contacted by another living craft that has heard the distress call from the characters ship; a rescue party who do not know of the vampirates because their scans of the vampires craft revealed it to be living and not dead. That is why the vamps had kept it partially alive for now. What sort of people the rescuers are depends on the whim and imagination of the storyteller running the adventure. What happens next depends on the imagination and whims of the characters.

This is a basic introduction into the universe of SNVP.

Intro Campaign

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