Time is vibrational.
The faster the vibration, the further toward the future.
This is the principle of Light-Speed.
To Humans, Lightspeed is the fastest perceivable entity.
Above this speed is above time, or faster-than-time.
Vampyr cannot survive Lightspeed.
It has the effect of instantly disintergrating the body to dust, and leaving the anima or soul of the Vampyr trapped in a limbo.
The disembodied Vampyr must and naturally does decelerate to return into the material density, usually to a location it has strong emotional ties with, where it becomes a wraith with no material body. It must gather sufficient energy to continue sinking further toward decay, and seldom will it gather enough energy to return upward to the limbo, the Light, from where it can re-enter time again at a diferent juncture. Wraiths often opt to inhabit a host body whose auric field it leeches, if it can.
Limbo is a between state that exists outside of and independantly of time and the material world.

Vampyr prefer the travel method of Warp engines which like teleporters beam them vast distances through warp tunnels, sometimes called wormholes. Warp tunnels open and close again, relocating the physical body in spatial dimensions.

Warp travel occurs at a different time dilation ratio to lightspeed. Wheras lightspeed is measured at 186,000 miles per second, known as a light year; Warp travel is close to instantaneous, with a variable differential. This means that it might be a few minutes, or alternatively a few months may pass, in comparible realtime, between setting off and arriving at the destination.

Although a few factors are involved, the variance largely depends upon how good the particular warp drive engine is, how smoothly it is running and how clean its energy source is. Many different energy sources can be used; psy-essence is considered pure, if it can be focussed without distraction and doubt for the trip. For this reason drakankhraft are preferred as superior to enslaving trained human minds for the task; although some crystaline-mechanical engines are reputedly advanced, despite their light-pulse chime being sickening to Vampyr.

Warping mutates everyone who uses it. All features as listed by Essences / Flavours are exaggurated during transit and afterwards, permanently. The more often that anyone passes through it, the more warped they become. The extent to which this occurs is ludicrous; the Drakankhraft provide for survival needs of their denizens.

The past is slower and feels of decay.
This awareness permeates vampyric existance.
The ancient past is more slower yet.
A decaying wraith finds itself falling backward in time, sinking, until it levels out into an era where it may make sense of its fall.
Typically, the era’s of the past are simpler and simpler the further back it goes; and seem designed to teach the wraith a specific lesson, to deal with its traumas.
If the wraith falls far enough back in time, it will encounter the legendary era where Stars filled the Void with the purgatory of the death bringing Light; and will soon find itself returned to Limbo. For many this painful method of streamlining and purifying ones self is a culture which may very well become the basis for a sequal to this game in its current incarnation. The process cannot be repeated indefinitely; those wraiths whose souls are stripped of all self-recognition soon become disoriented and find themselves existing as pure energy spirits, able to withstand the light which has sent them through experience after experience of healing and cleansing; and returned into the very Source of all things, before there were any things at all. The myth of such processes are not a common part of Vampyr culture although the worlds of mortals seem full of the Hope it contains.

Most scryers encounter their future selves. Advice is sought and paths are set. The Scryers who peer far into the future encounter other scryers, who claim to see at their farthest reaches only a timelessness of infinite void. Many argue that in the future we will learn method to become invisible to those of the past, even to ourselves. Others, that all are destined to become one with the void; inert and unaware; the ultimate evolution point. Others; that the future is unmade as yet; it will be created by those who make it to that time. Others, that it is simple phsyics; that it requires energy to exist in material dimension, and there is none left at the far end of time; thus time becomes timeless. Energy is time. Others, that the observer exists within perameters of a vibrational bandwidth, above which is a dimension that no vampyr has sufficient energy to reach. It is well known that the observer affects the observed, and thus scryers are held to account for slowing down the process of the future. Those who achieve the future must necessarily exist at a faster vibration, and have therefore existance beyond the scryers reach. Some claim this means the Vampire Empire will come to an end, grind to a halt and be superceded by those, eg; mortals, with light remaining in their veins. Others that it is simply too dark to see, for it is itself evolving, slowly over aeons.

Meanwhile; the culture around us continues as it is; as it has always been, beyond the time of myths. Energy is the Order of the Eternal Night.


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