Spirit World

Vampires cannot access the Light, where ‘all things happen at once’. It is the Source of All, it is the Creator Deity itself. The Source burns vampires, often to dust. This is considered a fatal purification process. A vampire who willingly forgoes unlife in favor of suicide is known as a Sepuku, which is considered a respectable end and a memory shrine is often erected that is called a Sepulchre. These two words are typically interchangeable in the society of the eternal night. Such shrine may be a room or an effigy comprising the vampires personal belongings.

Vampires domain is the Void, where Nothing happens, eternally. Vampires are souls trapped in the material plane, who can at times touch on some of the other planes. The Void is not the same thing as Shadow (which equates to a Karma). The void is Emptiness, which by the Tau is considered a valuable meditation.

The Spirit World is a domain inhabited by sentient energies called Spirits. It is considered as a whole to be self aware, known in this respect as Great Spirit or simply as Spirit. The domain of Spirit is inclusive of all things, including the material plane but especially the Life that moves through it. By compare, the material plane is considered a dead place. The spirit world is not exclusive to the material world in fact it is usually considered ‘as opposed’ to it; an intangible realm very much like Dream which is ‘borders’. The word Spirit relates to the word Sprite, which means ‘spark of Life’ and so it is acceptable to consider ‘spirit’ to mean ‘Life’. The etymology of vampires is often at great contrast to their actual intended meaning (see the Covenant) which leads to much confusion between the clans.

Dream is a halo surrounding the Source. It is likened to the Source in the same way that colours refracted through a prism are likened to white light. Dream is the Creative, once it has expanded beyond the unified Source. Dream is visionary. To many, the material plane is ‘the solid dream’.

Hierarchy of the Planes ~ the Pentacle of Existence

Void (Empty)

Source (Light)

Dream (Imagination)

Spirit (Life)

Mater (Mother)

Most of this game takes place in the Material world of Stars, Planets and Elements.

Spirit World

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