The Tau Book of the spaceways derives of a form of Budo (Samurai Zen) training.
Along with the Covenant it is the foundational education of feudal vampire society.
Serious students of the Tau typically keep their own pocketbook of ideas and notes relating to their philosophy and practices. Presentation and justification of these personal logs are regularly requested of a defendant by a Justicar as evidence. The following example is as close an approximation to an everyday version of a Tau Book as can be found at this time.


Introduction section.

Versions of the Tau book vary between regions and teachers. The purpose of a physical manual is for the individual to add guidance koans, distilled personal wisdoms, contemplated universal truths, insights and elements of philosophies. To study the Tau is to keep field notes. Personal additions to ones pocketbook later become guidance for those to whom the manual is handed as initiation, often after the keepers departure. As the tradition has become. As we are the becoming.


a short but fundamental subchapter of the Tau book.

Contemplations of the Void are essential part of the meditation rituals of adepts.

Only by comprehending Nothing and Infinity can one comprehend scale of Self. Often this is considered in terms of causality and effect of action and of inaction; repurcussion and karma.
Only by comprehending Void can one understand a thing in its simple elegant entirety; for instance the revelation of humanity as a whole.

To achieve Void, one simply lets go.


a short but fundamental subchapter of the Tau book.

The observer affects the observed.

No form of energy ceases.

Energy seeks balance.

All things that were, are and will be.

Where balance is achieved, there is stillness.

Breath is rhythm.


a longer chapter of the Tau book.

The I Ching of the Spaceways is simply a list of 64 words or Glyphs; symbols which have esoteric meaning. Glyph is the language of the spaceways. The I Ching forms the major 64 concepts of human culture. It is a grid projected onto reality to explain the motion of Ki, the dragon lines, the flow of living energies.


the shortest, yet the longest.

A thing cannot be greater than it is.

A thing is greater than the sum of its component parts.

All things must remain in balance lest they sway.

Thus the Dance of Life. Thus the Fire.

(There is a word here for Fire which means also ‘Seeking’ or ‘Journey’; it is ‘Ki’)


The unseen seed is perfect.

The ancient translation of this is;
Unwatched, the seed is Mu.

(Mu = ‘_that ineffable quality of beauty which when described, ceases_’ and also; ‘_dream_’)


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