The terminology of the astropaths is necessarily different to what players of this game may be familiar with. A distinction is made between concepts and has its own Lexicon used to determine specific intended meanings for the subject matter. Quite some of this is scientific, and spiritual. In this game, there is no distinction between ‘nature’ and ‘supernature’; although there are other naturally occuring distinctions developing as a result of this clarification.

The Vampyr are archaic and favor puns; a form of poetry exists in the use of such words to indicate equally as valid or potentially consequential meanings hidden within the intended.

The term “Void” is dualistic; it has multiple seperate meanings.

It means ‘no longer relevant’.
It means ‘emptiness’ which is considered through antiquity to perfectly describe the emotions of a Vampyr upon considering their own condition.
This is not to say that vampyr are emotionless; far from it, they are known to savor and explore every facet of the often complex feelings that are their world. Vampyr are immortal and as such have time to be so languish so lavidly upon whimsical nuance of subtle emotion. It is spoken that ‘vampyr gifts are lost on mortals, where the lofty ideals of mortals are lost upon vampyr’.
‘Void’ in this sense of the word is simply a commonly accepted reference point that is an essential part of Tau.
It means ‘space’; where the term ‘space’ means ‘open distance’, the term ‘Void’ refers to the lightless scope that exists between planets.

To comprehend this we must learn of the Histories.
The game era is long, long after the period during which the reader currently inhabits. Although toward the Galactic Central Core (GCC) there are some glimmering new born stars, these are the weak and feeble last ditch efforts of the galaxy to push the dream of its children out into the Void. For the most part, the Void is dead and empty.
Quite simply; the Stars have gone out.

Interplay between the three essential contexts contain a complex triple braid of subtle hidden meanings. The symbol of a black triangle has been used since time immemorial to signify the Vampire Empire. The symbol is known as Black Pyr; the black fire. This symbol itself is a sign both for Void and for the change that causes a life-form to become immortal-undead, of vampyric nature.

A deity once called Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking Mirror, is invoked. Scryers with the art of Sight peer deeply into the Void of times web and, if pure, will foresee Truth. Various elixirs are favored for this ritual. It has been kknown that those with Attention strong and Will to, can reach out the minds tendrils and touch upon the visions. Time is less a burden to the immortal with little else of interest than ones own immortal path, than are the repeat loop cycles which observed mortal incarnations strive to transcend.

the Stars have gone out

Nobody can tell Why, only that it is. Indeed, it is only by researching the old records that anybody discovers there was ever such a thing as a star, around which planetary ecologies received their energy that Life forms could thrive. Most archeo-researchers agree that any technology capable of extinguishing stars throughout the galaxy is both advanced beyond todays available knowledge, and likely to have originated from vampyr seeking a reality more beneficial to their needs. Either that, or that the galaxy is old and ancient, such thing as stars that were necessary for its dawn phase are for the main part now obsolete.

Several such locations as star systems do exist still; near to GCC galactic central core, are a number of young systems whose energy is nothing compared with what must have once been when the galaxy was young. Others exist, manufactured or maintained by mechanical and scientific means; no curios these but havens for the Human tribes who fear the dark and that which it contains. These places are beyond the jurisdiction of the Vampyr who will dry to dust should such light pierce their frail bodies. Thankfully this deadly spectrum of light is seldom found on most human worlds and cultures whose means of light are organic or electronic.

Orbital planets of systems turn their stable orbits around dense planets, that were perhaps once great fireballs of light, are now nothing more exciting than a dark world at the core of a system.

There are many who simply do not believe such things as Stars could have ever existed, and regard the ancient writers of the histories to be jokers, riddling their descendants. Of those Vampyr who were around at the time and remain, none of them seem eager to speak of an era that has been stripped from all official public records. There is an unwritten decree against asking of such questions; this rule is reputed to be violently enforced by the ancient ones, despite the Tau.

Void: the Stars have gone out

There is a powa rune known by arcane practitioners that means exactly this; it is used to annul one of weaker energies, a temporal curse that blocks the mind and aura.


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